Chelsea Clinton generates speculation of possible run for office
NY 1, December 10, 2012

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. -- Hillary Clinton is not the only member of the Clinton family who is generating a good deal of buzz these days. The former first daughter, Chelsea, has been increasingly talked about in New York political circles.

As Chelsea Clinton steps out more and more, speculation that she may be laying the groundwork for a possible run for office has ramped up.

"Chelsea's dedication to philanthropy and public service is unmatched," said Bill Rudin from the Association for a Better New York.

On Monday, Clinton mingled with city officials, including Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, at a breakfast sponsored by the Association for a Better New York. Clinton moderated a panel discussion with non-profit leaders.

"So often, our most vulnerable, our children, are not thought about in a coherent way," Clinton said. "Not only here in New York City, but in our national dialogue. And that was something I felt particularly, in full candor, over the summer, in our election season."

Clinton also reminisced about her first trip to New York. It was 25 years ago this month. She seemed to be announcing to New York's power brokers that she is here to stay.

"We went to Rockefeller Center and ice skated and saw the big tree," she said. "I moved here and now this is where my husband and I call home. And I cannot imagine living anywhere else."

Despite Clinton's growing role in the public eye, she still shies away from unscripted moments with the media. An aide to Clinton said she would not do any interviews after the event.

She does, however, seem to relish the role of moderator. Last week she played that role at New York University for a discussion about climate change and Hurricane Sandy.

Perhaps in the future she will be interested in doing something more.

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